Boise Baseball Academy was a dream of mine that took ahold of me many years ago, when I first moved to Boise. After I was done playing America's favorite pasttime, my passion continued to be on baseball. I wanted to stay in the "game" somehow, giving back to others, what had been given to me over all my years of playing baseball. My playing days consisted of almost 20 years, from the very 1st time I stepped onto a little league diamond, to my final paid professional game and all the stops in between. I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunities that were presented to me. It is now my turn to give back and pass on the knowledge I have acquired throughout my playing career.

As life often happens (and being young at the time), I pushed those dreams aside and focused on real life. Many years ago, that dream reappeared, due in large part to coaching in the local little league. During that time, I had seen (and still do see) a need for player development in the Boise baseball community. Our young baseball athletes can succeed on the biggest of stages, if given the opportunity. I feel that I can help with that opportuntiy, due to close personal friends in the baseball community, both in the college and professional ranks throughout the United States. 

Boise Baseball Academy was just talk around the water cooler, when I was coaching the 9-11 yr team. When we won our championship game that year, I thought that this might be something that I could pursue. Then as the next baseball season was upon us, I again took a team in the 9-11 division. We won the championship again, this time with different players. The athletes in both seasons, by the end of the year had increased their baseball skills and knowledge of the game. Parents were asking if I could work with their sons, individually, to further their skills. After that, I knew it was something that I wanted to do, something the baseball community needed.

So as the season ended, we moved into summer ..... And Boise Baseball Academy was formed, the dream now became a reality. Founded in 2010, we established ourselves as a non profit organization, so that we can help the community in the best way we know how. We want to teach our players respect for the game, for themselves and for their teammates and competitors. We want to build up our young athletes, not only into great baseball players but into great young men who can achieve all of their dreams. Teaching kids the game of baseball, allows them to overcome all obstacles in life, build confidence and self esteem. I am often asked "how is baseball a life skill?", It is because the game of baseball is built on failure. Anyone who has ever played or watched, knows how true this is. Where else can you succeed 3 out of 10 times (in life) and be considered great, no where else except in the batter's box. It is in that ability to overcome failure, time and time again, that we develop our players with life skills.

As Boise Baseball Academy expands, it is our desire to help each and every member further their baseball career to level that they want to achieve. If that means helping them find a scholarship to play baseball in college or maybe the opportuntiy to showcase their talent in the professional ranks somewhere, we will do everything that we can to help make that a reality. We look forward to working with your athlete in the future.

Wishing you all the very best,
Joe Sturges, Founder & Director of Player Development


Joe Sturges 

Football (LB) & Baseball (C) at Southern Utah (Div.1)

San Diego Stars, Valley Rangers, Arizona A's

Director of Player Development / Owner 

Instructor / Coach


Paul Venosdel 

Community Outreach & Business Development

Instructor / Coach


Dalton Kelly

Hitting Instructor

UC Santa Barbara (D1) -1B/OF

Tampa Bay Devil Rays (AAA) - 1B/OF

Oakland A's (AAA) - 1B/OF 

Ph. 530.605.5566


Mike Madsen - 13U

Coach / Instructor


Kevin Crumley - 12U

Coach / Instructor


Steve Allen

Coach / Instructor

Arizona State Univ. (D1) - INF

Milwaukee Brewers - INF

MLB Scout




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